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Existing shares of Mardin Hotel Room

9 day gift!
When you check in 8 day, 9 day gift!
11 polusutki as a gift!

at 10 semidiurnal populated, 11 polusutki as a gift!

Instead 11 000 KZT all 8 000 tenge!

Effective action in the double rooms with one or two beds. Save instead of paying 11 000 KZT all 8 000 per day!

Instead 16 000 KZT all 11 000 tenge!

Effective action on-suites with balcony. Save instead of paying 16 000 KZT all 11 000 tenge!

Water as a gift!

Every guest of the hotel guestrooms offer 0,5 all. drinking water as a gift!

Mr Deals. Donerci Pizza & Mr. Barbecue

14 popular types of coffee!

We offer our guests 14 the most popular types of coffee such as: cappuccino, espresso, Latte, US and other.

Sports events

We show broadcast all popular sporting events in HD 24/7

Give gifts!

At the time of buying 2 any pizza – 1 all. Coca-Cola as a gift!

When buying a double portion of Doner Kebab get ayran as a gift!


Try the most delicious Turkish sweets and desserts from 120 tenge.